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Pre Columbian

Pre-Columbian Chupicuaro Globular Pot, Authentic Mesoamerica,


Pre-Columbian Seated Nayarit Warrior


Collection of 8 Pre Columbian Mezcala Green and White Speckled Stone Beads


Pre-Columbian Mayan Female Warrior Figure, Central American


Pre-Columbian Seated Nayarit Figure


Authentic Pre Columbian Mezcala Stone Bead Pendant Aztec Mayan Olmec Mexican


Pre-Columbian Animal Effigy Statue, Nayarit, Western Mexico


Pre Columbian Pottery Mexico 8.5" Figure - 57179


Authentic Pre Columbian Mezcala Diorite Stone Standing Figure Aztec Mayan Olmec


Pre-Columbian Mayan Head Fragment collection, set of 10


Antique Pre-Columbian ? Art Pottery Monkey Face Mask Artifact Figurine Sculpture


Pre-Columbian Chontal stone necklace from Mexico. Ca. 400 bc.


Pre-Columbian Globular Animal Effigy Pot, Authentic Mesoamerica,




Pre-Columbian Mayan Tripod with Bird Motif, Polychrome, Rattle Leg Tripod


Pre-Columbian Blackware Effigy Pottery


Authentic Pre Columbian Mezcala Stone Head Pendant Aztec Mayan Olmec W/Stand


Pre-Columbian Chupicuaro Plate with Glyphs, Authentic Mesoamerica Polychrome


Pre-Columbian Clay Figures Set of 3


Pre-Columbian Pot


Pre-Columbian Clay Rattle, Central America


Pre Columbian Bird Effigy Vessel Pottery


Pre-Columbian Clay Peccary ( Javelina Pig), Central America, Very Rare


PRE COLUMBIAN_Mesoamerica_Olmec_Black Greenstone Jade_Celt Axe_Hand Tool_2 3/4"h


Pre-Columbian Avian Olla Pot, Very Rare, Authentic


Pre-Columbian Chupicuaro Polychrome Three Footed Bowl


Pre-Columbian Nayrait Animal Effigy Statue


Pre-Columbian Copper Miniature Idol, Chimu-Incan


Pre-Columbian South American Clay Pot


Pre-Columbian Collection of Mayan Fragments, Lot of 7


Pre-Columbian Mayan Effigy Clay Pot, Central America


Pre-Columbian Mezcala Culture 1 Large Jadite Stone Bead/Pendent Western Mexico


Pre-Columbian Chupicuaro Tripod Rattle Plate, Authentic Mesoamerica, Lime Grater


PRE COLUMBIAN POTTERY BOWL~Estate Find~ High Quality Old Collection Item!


Pre-Columbian Olla Pots, Costa Rica Pottery Set of 3


Pre-Columbian Mayan Effigy Tripod Globular Clay Pot, Central America


Pre-Columbian Pot With Handle


Large Authentic Pre Columbian Mezcala M-6 Standing Figure Aztec Mayan Olmec


Pre-Columbian Chupicuaro Gourd Bowl


Pre-Columbian Ceremonial Cups, Pair of 2, Western Mexico