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Eimac Chimney

Eimac SK-606 Chimney for 4CX250 4CX350 Transmitting Tube Amplifier NOS


Eimac SK-306 Air-Flow Chimney for 4CX5000A / R, 3CX5000A7, Used


Eimac SK-1400A RF Power Tube Socket for 4CX3000A / 8169, w/ SK-1406 Air Chimney.


KTP SK-1336-B Air-Flow Chimney for 3CX20,000A7 Power Tube (= Eimac SK-1336 +)


Eimac SK-700 Chimney for 4CX300A 4CX300Y 4CX125C 4CX125F 8167 Tube NOS


New genuine EIMAC SK-516 Tube Chimney mantle for 3-1000Z / 3-1000H


Chimney for EIMAC 3CX3000A7


Eimac Socket SK800A SK-800A SK 800A and Chimney SK806 SK 806 SK-806


Eimac SK-406 Chimney (N.O.S and used)


Eimac SK-426 Chimney (N.O.S)


Eimac YC-211 W/ Johnson 124-0111-001 Chimney


Eimac electron tube sk1906 with chimney clamp sk1916


Eimac SK-110 Tube Socket Chimney


NEW Eimac SK-600 Air-System Socket & SK-606 Tube Chimney 4X250B/4X250F/4X150F/D


EIMAC SK-400 Air System Socket Johnson 124-111 Ceramic Chimney 4X150A


SK-600 NEW Eimac Socket Plus SK-606 Chimney


Eimac SK-110 Tube Socket Chimney Red Housing - Silver Contacts


EIMAC SK-400 Air System Socket & SK-606 Ceramic Chimney


NEW Eimac SK-860 Socket + SK-816 Chimney for 3CX1000A7


CPI Eimac SK606 Air Chimney


Lot of 2 Eimac 4cx350F/J 8904 Tube W/JOHNSON 124-116,CHIMNEY & BIRTCHER BS22H-30


Eimac SK-906/SK906 Tube Chimney for 4CX500A


Eimac SK-2216 Chimney (3CX1500 - 8877)


NEW Eimac SK-600A Socket & SK-606 Chimney


Eimac SK-806 Chimney (Excellent Condition, Used)


LOT OF 2 Eimac Y-358 Socket Chimney RF Power Tube


Eimac SK-606 chimney tube cooler


Eimac SK606 Electron Tube Chimney SK-606 for 4CX250B / 4CX350A


Eimac SK-606 Vacuum Tube Ceramic Chimney nos, original box, sealed bag!


SK1916 Clamp and SK1906 Chimney for Eimac 3CX800A7


One Eimac SK-606 Chimney ONLY for Transmitting Tube 4CX250 4CX350




NOS EIMAC SK-606 SK606 CERAMIC CHIMNEY Vintage Date 6548 w/ box