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Basket With Liner

Longaberger Small Berry Basket With Liner


Longaberger Basket with Lid and Liner 1999


Longaberger 1999 Candy Corn Handwoven Basket with Liner


Longaberger 2001 Basket Card Keeper with Liner & 3 Way Divider Signed


Longaberger basket with liner and divider #W123


Longaberger At Home Garden Wall Vase Basket With Liner, Protector


Longaberger Chives Booking Basket with Protector Liner Business Card Basket


Longaberger 1994 Boo Basket with Liner and Protector


Longaberger 1996 Square Basket with Liner & Protector


Longaberger Foyer Basket with Liner & Protector


Longaberger 2001 Oregano Booking Basket With Liner And Protector


Authentic Longaberger Basket With Leather Handle Liner & Plastic Liner Protector


Longaberger Bread Basket With Fabric Liner & Plastic Insert, 14x7” 1997


Longaberger Envelope Basket With Liner And Cloth Very Good Condition


Longaberger 2008 Journal Basket New With Flax Liner


Longaberger Heartland Darning Basket With Emerald Vine Liner And Protector


Longaberger Baskets 1995 Large Pumpkin Basket with Liner, Protector


1996 Longaberger Tapered BAsket with Blue and White Fabric Liner


Longaberger large market basket 2001 with blue white toile liner


Basket with Liner square 8x6 (26)


Basket with liner Rectangle 11x7x6 Light wood (28)


Basket with liner Rectangle 13x9x7 Dark brown wood (27)


Longaberger 2003 American Cracker Basket with Liner.


Longaberger Darning Basket with Divided Protector, Liner and Protector 1996    


1996 Longaberger Small Pumpkin Basket with Pumpkin liner, protector


Longaberger 2001 Woven Memories Basket with Plastic Protector Liner Plaid


Longaberger 2003 TEA Basket Set with Sage Liner & Hard Plastic Protector


Longaberger Autumn Halloween Treats basket with liner and protector signed 2006


Amish Made Covered Pie Basket with Hand Sewn Liner


Longaberger magazine basket with double swing handles and plastic liner


Longaberger Small Boardwalk Basket with Protector and Denim Liner


Longaberger 2001 Golf Basket with Liner


Large Longaberger Waste Basket with liner & protector 1997 - never used - 16"


Longaberger Cake Basket with Botanical Fields Liner, Lid


Longaberger Basket with liner and Protector


Longaberger basket mail wall hanger with leather strap and plastic liner 1989


Longaberger 1987 Spring Basket with Backyard Bandana Liner